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As a Senior Advisor at Shift, Julie manages our communications and outreach work, aiming to make the Guiding Principles more understandable and actionable for a range of audiences.

Julie Schindall

Julie Schindall

Senior Advisor | Berlin

As a Senior Advisor at Shift, Julie manages all of our communications and outreach work, with the goal of making the Guiding Principles more understandable and actionable for a range of audiences. As a communications and advocacy expert with a background in teaching, Julie helps our whole team be more efficient and impactful communicators, whether in a private meeting with CEOs or via blogs on our website. As our team member in Germany, Julie also engages with German companies, business associations, government representatives and civil society about implementing the Guiding Principles in Germany.

Julie has a diverse background, working as a political aide, journalist, teacher, campaigner, spokesperson and communications director. She began her career as a journalist with National Public Radio and American Public Television in the US. Seeking more of an advocacy role on major global challenges, she transitioned into policy, advocacy and communications work for humanitarian organizations in major disasters, including serving as the spokesperson for Oxfam in Haiti from 2010-2011 and manager of advocacy and communications for Save the Children in Somalia in 2011. She also advised other leading non-governmental organizations on policy development and advocacy, including Transparency International, Tearfund and the Sphere Project.

Julie’s experiences working in developing countries showed her the critical role the private sector plays in people’s enjoyment of their fundamental rights. This prompted her to move into work with business. Prior to joining Shift, Julie was the Director of Communications & Stakeholder Engagement at the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), a non-profit coalition of over 100 electronics companies collaborating on sustainable electronics supply chains. At the EICC, she played a major role in negotiating the EICC Code of Conduct between companies, trade unions and civil society organizations.

Julie is an experienced speaker and spokesperson working with the news media and at conferences and events. She is a graduate of Tufts University and speaks English, French and German. She is a dual national of Germany and the United States.

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