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Evaluating Business Respect for Human Rights: A Theory of Change Methodology to Develop Meaningful Indicators

This resource offers an introduction to a new methodology that Shift is currently testing, through Valuing Respect, to evaluate specific human rights interventions through a 'theory of change' lens. It provides a simple framework for companies and their stakeholders to develop and work with indicators in ways that support learning about what is working and why.

September 2019

The theory of change approach provides a way for companies and their stakeholders to:

  • Develop indicators by identifying what needs to be measured, with reference to the outcome they want to achieve and the means by which they are trying to achieve it.

  • Address information needs by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the information they already have access to, and any gaps in that information they may need to fill.

  • Improve decision-making and action by organizing and learning from information when they have collected it so as to allocate resources more effectively, improve interventions and achieve better outcomes for people.
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