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Many companies are investing in efforts to respect people’s rights. Yet, most can’t tell whether they are making a real difference.

That needs to change.

Valuing Respect is a global collaborative platform, led by Shift, with the support of three regional partners and kindly funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway and Norges Bank Investment Management.

Welcome to Valuing Respect, a global collaborative platform, led by Shift, to research and co-create better ways of evaluating business respect for human rights. Over the next three years, we aim to develop tools and insights that can help both companies and their stakeholders focus their resources on actions that effectively improve outcomes for people.


Why it matters:


For years, many -within business and beyond- have deployed vast efforts and resources to embed respect for human rights in companies’ operations and value chains. They have done so knowing that it is every company’s responsibility to do business with respect for people’s basic dignity and equality; that this is critical for any company or market that aims to earn societal trust; and that it offers many of the best opportunities for companies to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

But not all business actions make a difference, and even the best intended ones can have little to no effect. Some may even harm people, instead of mitigating risk.

Without proper insights into what is working in practice, company leaders cannot allocate resources to the programs and policies that actually shift business behaviors and make a difference to people’s lives. Many investors feel blindfolded when trying to pick out socially responsible companies from the rest. And civil society organizations have to rely on often meaningless quantitative data, that focus on actions divorced from results, to measure human rights performance.

That has to change. And, to face this collective challenge, we need a collaborative approach.

Shift is delighted to be joining with three regional partners to lead the Valuing Respect Project: a global, multi-stakeholder, cross-disciplinary platform to assess how to best evaluate business respect for human rights.

In the next three years, we are bringing everyone to the table: investors, civil society, business leaders, academics, policy makers, and many others.

Together, we are engaging in a process of joint research and consultation to identify promising paths to better evaluate companies’ human rights performance. Our aim is to then crystalize that information into fresh insights, smart tools, methodologies and indicators that can help assess how well companies address risks to people. Our ultimate purpose is to help all stakeholders focus resources on actions that make a real, positive difference to peoples’ lives.


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