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With our mix of expertise on the Guiding Principles and unique practical experience with their implementation, we speak honestly to practical challenges and shine a light on meaningful leadership and practice.


Company-Community Conflicts: Challenges and Opportunities for Mediators in the African Context

August 2013 | Brian Ganson

Skilled mediators can help resolve complex company-community conflicts.

Consulting With Stakeholders in Myanmar

May 2013 | Anna Triponel

As Myanmar opens for business, how can companies ensure they hear from potentially affected people?

Professional Responsibility of Lawyers under the Guiding Principles

April 2012 | John F. Sherman III

Hard and soft law developments with implications for lawyers as they advise corporate clients on human rights.

The Shift From Principles to Practice

March 2012 | John G. Ruggie

This Viewpoint by Shift Chair and Guiding Principles author John Ruggie looks at the early years of implementation of the Guiding Principles.

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