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With our mix of expertise on the Guiding Principles and unique practical experience with their implementation, we speak honestly to practical challenges and shine a light on meaningful leadership and practice.


Proposed Amendments to European Commission Reporting Directive

October 2013

Shift and our Chair John Ruggie submit proposals to the Commission to enhance the alignment of the proposed Directive with the Guiding Principles.

Raise the Curtain: Human Rights in Retail Supply Chains

September 2013 | Sean Ansett

Moving from auditing and codes to business integration and long-term relationships.

Company-Community Conflicts: Challenges and Opportunities for Mediators in the African Context

August 2013 | Brian Ganson

Skilled mediators can help resolve complex company-community conflicts.

Consulting With Stakeholders in Myanmar

May 2013 | Anna Triponel

As Myanmar opens for business, how can companies ensure they hear from potentially affected people?

Professional Responsibility of Lawyers under the Guiding Principles

April 2012 | John F. Sherman III

Hard and soft law developments with implications for lawyers as they advise corporate clients on human rights.

The Shift From Principles to Practice

March 2012 | John G. Ruggie

This Viewpoint by Shift Chair and Guiding Principles author John Ruggie looks at the early years of implementation of the Guiding Principles.

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