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With our mix of expertise on the Guiding Principles and unique practical experience with their implementation, we speak honestly to practical challenges and shine a light on meaningful leadership and practice.


Six Reasons Why Lawyers Should Practice Law with Respect for Human Rights

November 2014 | John F. Sherman III

The International Bar Association has issued draft guidance for legal professionals on the Guiding Principles.

Treaties and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: The Way Forward

July 2014 | Caroline Rees

Neither companies nor governments should fear that the treaty process in Geneva is a diversion from, or dilution of, what has been achieved in the last 10 years with the Guiding Principles.

The Rising Tide of Human Rights Reporting Requirements

July 2014 | Anna Triponel

The UK Financial Reporting Council's new guidance lays out expectations for companies on reporting on human rights.

Pointing the Way Forwards on Non-Financial Reporting

April 2014 | Caroline Rees

The adoption of the EU law on non-financial reporting is a potentially pivotal moment for the advancement of responsible business conduct.

Paradigm Shift: It's Time to Speak about the Purpose of the Corporation

March 2014 | Filip Gregor

A critical look at the role of companies in society, and the concept of shareholder value.

Corporate Lawyers and the Guiding Principles

November 2013 | John G. Ruggie

Shift Chair and Guiding Principles author John Ruggie reflects on the implications of the Guiding Principles for lawyers.

Shift Comments on UK Financial Reporting Council's 2013 Exposure Draft Guidance

November 2013 | Shift, John G. Ruggie

In 2013, Shift submitted comments to the UK Financial Reporting Council regarding draft guidance for companies on compliance with the UK Companies Act.

Tax Abuse as a Business and Human Rights Issue

October 2013 | Lloyd Lipsett

Can corporate avoidance of taxes also lead to human rights harms?

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