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With our mix of expertise on the Guiding Principles and unique practical experience with their implementation, we speak honestly to practical challenges and shine a light on meaningful leadership and practice.


Realizing Trade Union Rights: Diagnosing Barriers and Moving to Action

January 2020 | David Vermijs

Senior Advisor David Vermijs discusses some of the barriers that companies face when aiming to fulfill their responsibility to ensure that workers have freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining (also known as trade union rights)

Listening to Affected Stakeholders to Improve Business Human Rights Performance

September 2019 | Jana Mudronova

Shift Advisor Jana Mudronova discusses how meaningful stakeholder engagement can lead to more reliable, trusted and meaningful data, and play a key role in informing evaluation

True Corporate LGBT Allyship Means Using a Stethoscope, Not a Bullhorn

June 2019 | Daniel Berezowsky

Advisor Daniel Berezowsky explains how using the UN Guiding Principles, companies can use their voice to spotlight LGBTQ rights, rather than using LGBTQ rights to cast a spotlight on themselves.

SMEs and the Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights

May 2019 | Francis West

Shift's Business Learning Program Director Francis West explains how many get it wrong on SMEs, and makes the case for smaller firms to take a bespoke approach.

Rethinking Remedy & Responsibility in the Financial Sector

May 2019 | David Kovick

Senior Advisor David Kovick explains Shift's ecosystem approach to remedy, and how financial institutions can benefit from incorporating it to close the gap with traditional approaches.

Going from Research that Makes the Case to Tools that Make the Difference

April 2019 | Mark Hodge

Project Lead Mark Hodge looks back on progress made in 2018 and discusses the beta version of a new tool to help companies evaluate outcomes for people.

How Value Chain Mapping is Helping Companies Respect Human Rights

March 2019 | David Vermijs

In this piece, Shift Advisor David Vermijs explains what value chain mapping is, and how companies like Heineken and ABN AMRO are using it to leverage business respect for human rights throughout their value chain.

How States Can Actively Foster Business Respect for Human Rights

February 2019 | Rachel Davis

An interview with Rachel Davis, Co-founder and Managing Director at Shift. As a senior legal advisor to former UN Special Representative John Ruggie during his mandate, Shift’s Rachel Davis played a key role in the drafting process of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Seven years into the implementation of the UNGPs, she reflects on the relevance of mandatory measures in the State duty to protect and the growing debate around comprehensive mandatory human rights due diligence legislation.

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