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Conducting meaningful dialogue


Stakeholder engagement is essential to a business’s efforts to respect human rights – and it needs to be meaningful if it’s going to fulfill that role. While there is substantial guidance about how to conduct stakeholder engagement more effectively, many companies still face significant challenges in getting engagement “right.” Poor engagement can increase the risks of negative human rights impacts on stakeholders; failing to address stakeholder concerns early and effectively can mean that they escalate into more serious impacts. On the other hand, meaningful stakeholder engagement can bring benefits to company and stakeholders alike because it can lead to more informed actions and decisions that help prevent human rights impacts from occurring or find more creative ways to try to address them. 

Learn more: see all our resource library listings below, as well as specific sections from these comprehensive resources:

Corporate Culture and Conflict Management in the Extractive Industries: A Study in Peru

September 2012 | Caroline Rees, Deanna Kemp, Rachel Davis; Corporate Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School

This study examines company policies and processes for and attitudes towards company-community conflict in the extractives sector in Peru.

Corporate-Community Dialogue: Documentary Series

June 2012 | Corporate Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School

This documentary series looks at how companies and communities have resolved disputes over corporate activities on three specific projects: an oil and gas facility in Nigeria, a mine in Peru and a hydropower project in the Philippines.

Advising the Global Network Initiative on a Public Engagement Mechanism

February 2012 | Partners: Global Network Initiative

Helping a multistakeholder initiative solicit information and feedback from the public on issues related to privacy and freedom of expression.

Human Rights and Corporate Law: Trends and Observations From a Cross-National Study Conducted by the Special Representative

May 2011 | John G. Ruggie; UN Human Rights Council

This report summarizes the findings based on extensive research and consultation with corporate law experts in multiple jurisdictions regarding the links between corporate and securities law and human rights.

Getting it Right: Making Corporate-Community Relations Work

June 2009 | Mary B. Anderson and Luc Zandvliet; Greenleaf Publishing

This go-to guidance book on corporate-community relations in the extractive sector is based on nearly 10 years of field experience at 40 operational sites around the world.

Stakeholder Engagement: A Good Practice Handbook for Companies Doing Business in Emerging Markets

May 2007 | International Finance Corporation

This foundational guidance from the International Finance Corporation offers a comprehensive overview of how companies should engage with stakeholders, particularly potentially affected people.

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