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Our resource library features a curated mix of baseline educational material about the Guiding Principles, as well as thought leadership articles on key challenges and trends, and links to relevant collaborations.


Are There Risks in Knowing and Showing?

October 2012 | John S. Sherman III; Shift

Former corporate lawyer and Shift General Counsel John Sherman argues that potential concerns about conducting human rights due diligence are more than offset by the benefits of doing it.

Corporate Culture and Conflict Management in the Extractive Industries: A Study in Peru

September 2012 | Caroline Rees, Deanna Kemp, Rachel Davis; Corporate Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School

This study examines company policies and processes for and attitudes towards company-community conflict in the extractives sector in Peru.

Lawyers as Leaders: Training Videos on Business and Human Rights

August 2012 | International Bar Association, UN Global Compact

This instructional video series shares insights from leading experts and practitioners about the important role of lawyers in the design and management of corporate policies and practices on human rights.

Respecting Human Rights Through Global Supply Chains

August 2012 | Shift

This resource examines how companies can implement the Guiding Principles throughout their supply chains, including identifying and prioritizing risks, using their leverage, understanding the role of auditing and supporting grievance mechanisms.

Implications of the Guiding Principles for the Fair Labor Association

July 2012 | Shift

This analysis by Shift reviews the implications of the Guiding Principles for the work of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), a multistakeholder initiative focusing on workers’ rights.

Embedding Respect for Human Rights

June 2012 | Shift

This resource captures and distills company reflections on what it takes to embed respect for human rights into corporate culture, including senior management buy-in, balancing competing priorities and effective communication.

Embedding the Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights Within Company Culture

June 2012 | Rick Relinger; Shift

This paper analyzes how corporate culture evolves and changes, and identifies stumbling blocks and lessons for success for companies seeking to make respect for human rights part of their corporate culture and they do business every day.

Corporate-Community Dialogue: Documentary Series

June 2012 | Corporate Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School

This documentary series looks at how companies and communities have resolved disputes over corporate activities on three specific projects: an oil and gas facility in Nigeria, a mine in Peru and a hydropower project in the Philippines.

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