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Trends in Human Rights Due Diligence and Development Finance

To help World Bank staff better understand how human rights relate to their core work, Shift interviewed issue experts and facilitated a workshop about experiences implementing human rights due diligence.

October 2014

PARTNERS: Nordic Trust Fund

The Nordic Trust Fund (NTF) is a $20 million multi-year and multi-donor fund intended to support the development of a more informed view among World Bank staff on how human rights relates to the Bank’s core work and mission of promoting economic growth and poverty reduction. 

The NTF asked Shift to explore emerging trends in human rights due diligence (HRDD) in both the private and public sectors, and identify potential implications for development finance. While the Guiding Principles focus on the responsibilities of business enterprises for HRDD, the concept of HRDD is increasingly seen as a useful framework for the ongoing efforts of other actors, including multilateral institutions and states, to understand their actual and potential impacts on human rights.

For this collaboration, Shift drew on interviews with over 40 experts from the public and private sectors, and facilitated a workshop at the World Bank in September 2014 with approximately 60 experts and World Bank employees about experiences implementing HRDD in different contexts. Our research on the emerging trends, as well as lessons learned and potential challenges in implementing HRDD, was shared with the World Bank in 2015 but has not yet been published.

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