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Raising Awareness on the Guiding Principles in Zambia

In collaboration with partners, Shift facilitated awareness raising workshops in Lusaka, Zambia for government, business and civil society.

July 2013

PARTNERS: Caritas-Zambia

With the support of the Swedish government and in collaboration with Caritas-Zambia, Shift was pleased to facilitate two workshops in Lusaka, Zambia on the Guiding Principles.

The first workshop included participants from government and business from Zambia and the Embassy of Sweden in Lusaka, and helped to raise awareness about the Guiding Principles and their application in Zambia.

Participants at a 2013 training workshop in Lusaka, Zambia, facilitated by Shift and supported by the Government of Sweden. Photo: Peder Björling

The second workshop, facilitated by Shift in collaboration with Cartitas-Zambia, provided training and awareness raising for civil society organizations in Zambia about the Guiding Principles. The mining industry in Zambia is critical to the country's economic growth and can bring numerous benefits; however, mining activities can also have significant negative impacts on the human rights of surrounding communities. As a national dialogue grows about the importance of corporate social responsibility, civil society organizations in Zambia are keen to ensure that mining companies are addressing the adverse impacts from their operations as well. 

The 2-day workshop with civil society provided both a broad overview of business and human rights as well as an in-depth exploration of practical strategies for using the Guiding Principles in advocacy for a smaller group of Zambian NGOs that are actively working on extractive sector issues. Paul Kapelus of Synergy provided expert support, as well the Dutch non-governmental organization SOMO, who sharing their experiences advocating for business respect for human rights and helped local civil society organizations develop practical strategies for applying the Guiding Principles in their own context.

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