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Conference 'Business & Human Rights: Towards a Common Agenda for Action'

December 2, 2019


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Brussels. - Businesses, government representatives and civil society organizations engaged in a multi-stakeholder conference on Monday to discuss business and human rights and, in particular, a collaborative and constructive way forward on this critical agenda.

The conference 'Business & Human Rights: Towards a Common Agenda for Action' was co-organized by Shift and the Finnish Presidency to the EU Council.

In his initial remarks, Professor John Ruggie emphasized that while we often hear the term 'smart mix' being employed to mean voluntary measures, the concept is broader and should be understood to include mandatory measures. (Watch the full video)

During the conference, participants discussed the role of state financing in promoting human rights due diligence; the role of regulation in a smart mix to foster business respect for human rights; and the use of collective leverage and cooperation to improve human rights outcomes.

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