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We collaborate with companies, governments, civil society organization, investors and others around the world to put the Guiding Principles into practice.


Innovations in Global Supply Chains

September 2012 | Partners: Global Social Compliance Programme (Consumer Goods Forum)

This collaboration sought to identify, analyze and disseminate innovative models that incentivize good labor rights practices in global supply chains.

Guidance for Companies on Respecting Children's Right to Be Free From Child Labor

February 2012 | Partners: International Labour Organization - International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour; International Organisation of Employers

In collaboration with our partners at the ILO and IOE, as well as multiple companies in different sectors, we assessed how companies are managing child labor risks on the ground, to inform the development of comprehensive guidance.

European Commission Human Rights Sector Guides

February 2012 | Partners: Institute for Human Rights and Business; European Commission Directorate-General for Enterprise

This collaboration with a range of practitioners and stakeholders led to the development of guidance for three sectors on implementing the Guiding Principles.

Advising the Fair Labor Association on Alignment With the Guiding Principles

February 2012 | Partners: Fair Labor Association

In 2012, Shift helped the Fair Labor Association assess the implications of the Guiding Principles for its work.

Advising the Global Network Initiative on a Public Engagement Mechanism

February 2012 | Partners: Global Network Initiative

Helping a multistakeholder initiative solicit information and feedback from the public on issues related to privacy and freedom of expression.

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