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Opportunity | External Evaluator

May 15, 2019

To support the Monitoring and Evaluation process of the Reporting Program funded by the UK Department of International Development under its Responsible And Transparent Enterprises (RATE) program, Shift is contracting an external evaluator to develop case studies that supplement anecdotal evidence in support of the project’s outcomes.

1. Objective of the case studies

The case studies will focus on two main stakeholders: companies and institutional investors. With regards to the former, our theory of change expects that a combination of capacity-building, our insights and the application of our tools (Reporting Framework and Reporting Database), will enhance the ability and motivation of companies to improve their human rights disclosure, which in turn will lead to improvements in the management of their human rights risks (their behaviours).

In parallel, arming institutional investors with our tools and our human rights disclosure insights will equip them to engage more effectively with companies on the subject of human rights, leading to better company performance.

The two main objectives of the case studies are to establish evidence of changes in companies’ practices and behaviours and to analyse and report lessons learned from stakeholders as a result of using our tools.

2. Scope of the case studies

In total 4 case studies are envisaged. These will consist of up to:

  • 2 in-depth case studies focused on companies using the Reporting Framework and that may have also attended our workshops;
  • 2 in-depth case studies of institutional investors that use the Reporting Framework and/or Reporting Database in the course of their work

3. Approach and Methodology

The evaluator will conduct interviews with representatives of selected companies and institutional investors. Given the nature and the reach of the project, we do not expect the number of interviews to exceed one person per organisation.

The interviews will be conducted remotely via Skype or other applications, or in person, if within same locality as the evaluator.

4. Deliverables and Schedule

Deliverables shall consist of:

  • A case study plan- After the initial inception phase, the evaluator shall develop a detailed concept note, with case study methodology, approach and data collection tools. This shall include a detailed work plan, a list of stakeholders to be interviewed and key interview questions. The concept note will be subject to approval by Shift’s Reporting Program Manager.
  • The final report consisting of 4 case studies, not exceeding 40 pages in total (excl. references).
  • Each case study presented in standalone format (5 – 7 pages each)
  • A standalone executive summary outlining findings, lessons and recommendations

The research shall start as soon as possible. The final delivery is expected before 26th July, 2019.

5. Structure of the proposal and submission guidelines

Expressions of interest must include the following:

  • A CV outlining the person’s experience and skills
  • A Proposal outlining the proposed methodology, budget and the timeline (max. 3 pages)
  • An example of work from a similar assignment
  • A name of a contactable reference
  • Identification of requested daily fee rate, per above.

Interested candidates are invited to send the documents to before 24th May 2019, close of business. We will assess applications between now and 24th May.


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