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Our latest news and updates about putting the Guiding Principles into practice.


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Business Risks Missing Out on its Best Chance to Contribute to Sustainable Development

November 14, 2016

Respecting human rights must be at the heart of any company’s contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Dutch Banks, Government, Unions and Civil Society Sign Groundbreaking Agreement on Business and Human Rights

November 2, 2016

The development of the agreement was facilitated with support from Shift.

IBA Issues Groundbreaking Practical Guide on Business and Human Rights for Business Lawyers

June 8, 2016

Guidance is designed to help bar associations and business lawyers understand the Guiding Principles, how they can be relevant to the advice they provide to clients, and their potential implications for law firms as business enterprises.

John Ruggie Letter to ILO Director General Guy Ryder

June 7, 2016

On May 30, 2016, ahead of the 2016 International Labour Conference, Shift Chair John Ruggie wrote a letter to ILO Director General Guy Ryder on specific aspects to be addressed at the Conference related to the Guiding Principles.

New Guide Helps Directors to Set the Tone on Human Rights

May 14, 2016

Today the the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission launched a five-step guide, developed with Shift, to help UK board directors show leadership in ensuring their businesses fulfill their responsibility to respect human rights.

Independent Report Recommends how FIFA Needs to Manage the Far-Reaching Human Rights Risks of its Global Enterprise

April 14, 2016

An independent report written by John Ruggie, with support from Shift, sets out 25 recommendations for action by FIFA to implement the UN Guiding Principles.

OECD Includes Human Rights Due Diligence in Recommendations for Export Credit Agencies

April 14, 2016

The revised OECD Common Approaches says that export credit agencies should screen applications for severe human rights risks.

Database of Companies' Reporting on Human Rights Launches

March 22, 2016

Database gathers together for the first time companies' own reporting about how they are implementing the Guiding Principles.

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