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What Is Shift?

“We shift mindsets and practices through direct dialogue and capacity building. We are a team that works directly with companies, governments, civil society, investors and others to bring about a world in which business gets done with respect for people’s fundamental welfare and dignity.”

Caroline Rees, President and Co-Founder, Shift

Shift is the leading center of expertise on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Our team facilitates dialogue, builds capacity and develops new approaches with companies, government, civil society organizations and international institutions to enable them to implement the Guiding Principles. We are a non-profit, mission-driven organization.

What we do

Business Learning

Working directly with select companies to implement the Guiding Principles.

We provide expert advice for a small group of companies that are serious about human rights and use what we learn to help build broader understanding.

Government Engagement

Advising governments on how to meet their own duty to protect human rights.

We provide expertise and and facilitate dialogue processes for governments to support more effective policy and regulation on business and human rights.

International Partnerships

Supporting international institutions and initiatives to foster business respect for human rights.

We work collaboratively with intergovernmental institutions, industry and multistakeholder initiatives to develop practical approaches to human rights challenges.

Education and Outreach

Raising public awareness about the value of the Guiding Principles and providing on-the-ground training.

We share thought leadership and build organization’s own capacity through speaking engagements, opinion articles and interactive workshops.

“The Shift team’s unique combination of strategic policy advice and practical experience with companies and other stakeholders has been invaluable to our work.”

Mariëtte Hamer, President, Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands

Our vision is a future where businesses have the knowledge and skills to respect human rights, and markets drive and reward leading practice.

To achieve our vision we equip business leaders to implement the Guiding Principles, and we engage those who influence companies' action to create the incentives, requirements and collaboration needed to embed respect for human rights into business.

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