European Commission ICT Sector Guide


This Guide was developed by Shift and the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB). It offers practical advice to ICT companies on how to implement the corporate responsibility to respect human rights through step-by-step guidance. At each step, it summarizes what the UN Guiding Principles expect, offers a range of approaches and examples for how to put those expectations into practice, and links users to additional resources that can support their work. The Guide was developed over 18 months through extensive research and multistakeholder consultations. 

The Guide can be downloaded in full or by individual section below.

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Cover, Background & Acknowledgments and Foreword

1) About this Guide

2) Human Rights and the ICT Sector

3) Putting Respect for Human Rights into Practice

3-I) Policy Commitment & Embedding

3-II) Assessing Human Rights Impacts

3-III) Integrating & Acting

3-IV) Tracking Performance

3-V) Communicating Performance

3-VI) Remediation & Operational-Level Grievance Mechanisms

4) Annexes