European Commission Human Rights Sector Guides

Human Rights Guides for Three Sectors

In June 2013, the European Commission issued three Guides on implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights for Employment & Recruitment agencies, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) companies and Oil & Gas companies, written by Shift and the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB).

What the Guides Do

Each Guide offers practical advice on how to implement the corporate responsibility to respect human rights in day-to-day business operations in each industry through step-by-step guidance. At each step, they summarize what the UN Guiding Principles expect, offer a range of approaches and examples for how to put them into practice, and link users to additional resources that can support their work. They are intended to help companies “translate” respect for human rights into their own systems and cultures.

How the Guides were Developed

The Guides were developed over 18 months by Shift and IHRB through extensive research and multistakeholder consultation with representatives from the three industries as well as governments, trade unions, civil society, academia and other experts.

Full details about the development process will be available on this page shortly. In the interim, you can read more here.

Download the Guides

You can choose to download the Guides in full or by individual section by clicking on the relevant image.